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Item Condition: Used

Horizon Fitness Elite T9 TM476 Treadmill Power Entry Input Module 1000231681

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Item Description

Condition Used

Used on the following models:

Advanced Fitness Group

3.3AT - TM438 - 2014

5.3AT - TM439E - 2014

7.3AT - TM450C - 2014


LS10.0T-C2 - 2012 (TM438C)

LS10.T-02 - 2012 (TM438)

LS13.0T-02 - 2012 (TM439)

LS13.0T-C2 - 2012 (TM439C)

LS15.0T - 2012 (TM450)

LS15.0T-C1 - 2012 (TM450B)

Horizon Fitness

Elite T9 (TM476)