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When trying to decide whether or not to fix your piece of fitness equipment, consider its replacement cost of "like quality". It's easy to search popular platforms like Amazon and Google sort by price and select a piece with seemingly good reviews, but are those reviews real? Why does a $300 treadmill have 5 stars, and a $4000 high quality machine, say a Precor, have 4 stars? Do you believe that a $300 treadmill has the same performance and longevity? We think not.

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Does that $500 or even $1000 machine meet your needs, as these price points are considered entry level? Frankly, we feel you are in the "good treadmill" zone at about $2000 -not the cheap treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes you see on the aforementioned platforms with bloated and tainted reviews. With tax, Installation, mat and extended warranty- a $2000 treadmill for instance can easily balloon to $2800!! Point is, the $280 Drive motor or $500 console may seem expensive at first but is it really? We say this time and time again, the best piece of fitness equipment you can own, is the one you use the most. If you use the hell out of your existing, slightly worn machine, avoid all the new bells and whistles and just fix it, because using it is the most important part anyway, not how many Virtual Reality Programs there are in a really expensive console, for instance.

Consider the environment. When you buy a new machine you are releasing more chemicals, cardboard, and styrofoam in large quantities into the environment, that's just terrible... Point is - Maintenance, Repairing by Adding a replacement part is the perfect solution rather than throwing the machine into a landfill, along with aforementioned new machine packing materials. If you are going through any repair situation, ask Hydra Fitness Exchange to "lean in" on the situation. If we don't have a part solution for you, we buy fitness equipment and parts - www.cashfortreadmills.com, plus you can trade them for new or used fitness equipment using our sister site www.fitnesswarehousedeals.com

After all, having a well aligned piece fitness equipment in your home or at work can be economical and very convenient because it saves you time compared to going to the gym.

In Summary. We carry NEW and USED commercial and home grade fitness repair parts for most major brand names. Whether you're looking to find replacement parts for a Treadmill, Stepper, Elliptical or Stationary Bike - We can Help! Popular Brands such as Nordictrack, Proform, Life Fitness, Precor, True Fitness, Octane Fitness, Spirit, Sole.

All of the available parts Here in this site hydrafitnessparts.com are in-stock at our warehouse. We don't source fitness equipment or fitness repair parts from others sites.

To view our full exercise equipment library detailing part numbers, manuals, and exploded diagrams visit our full site at https://www.hydrafitnessexchange.com/