Note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and Delta Variant, We see unprecedented demand for fitness equipment parts with simultaneous labor shortages. There may be shipping delays/backorders on certain brand part.


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Quick good service. I thought it took a long time to get my order. But my order got put in the wrong box at my end. I’m correcting my review to a great review.

It shows delivered. Please confirm us.

Having the possibility to warranty parts for my clients is a huge plus.

Perfect replacement part for Treadmill display

Great service and equipment arrived timely and well packed and works perfectly.

Excellent service!

The guys were very friendly, quick and efficient! Thank you!

Just what we needed to fix the problem!

Got the board in 2 days and it fixed our incline problem with our treadmill. Easy to install and fast response!

3 Year Product Repair under $250.00 (Accidental, Prepaid Shipping)

Service was awesome, but the board exploded

The search engine, the purchase process, the rapid shipping and the quality of the packaging were all absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t ask for me.
I had the board installed by a qualified technician, however it exploded in spectacular fashion (one of the ceramic capacitors exploded) the moment the machine was turned on. The explosion scared the daylights out of the technician!
The follow up service from support was genuine and responsive, however I think it ended after they told me the board came from a working machine, so it wasn’t a problem with the board. At least the support felt very genuine.


Works great I recommend this company 100 percent thank you.

Proform Reebok Nordictrack Elliptical Lower Handlebar 298631 Audiostrider 990

Needed a new Control board

Control board worked just as suspected. Thank you!

Trimline Schwinn Ironman Treadmill Front Drive Roller

Never arrived

It got sent to an address in another state for some reason and no one can tell me when or if it will ever arrive. We wasted money on a part that might never be delivered…

A human error was made, our shipper put someone elses label on the package. we are packing another and shipping it tomorrow.

Great find!

They were very prompt and got exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Great service, great price, great part

The part that fixed my elliptical arrived on time with NO issues and for the best price I could find.

Loved it got it fast and as described love the staff help


I didn't have the saftey key to my treadmill. It will not operate without it. I ordered it per order in the book
It came and I slid it in the slot where I was told to insert. It was the bottom side and the top looked identical but it did not respond to the key. Theirs not a lot of info on this device. I'm still waiting. I dont know what to do but this isn't good at all!

it sounds like the key might not be the issue. I would recommend he hire a technician to diagnose the problem.

On The Road Again

We received the rollers in a very short time. They fit like a glove. And we're off again excercising. Thank you.

Sole Fitness AF85 Treadmill Right End Cap Rear Roller Cover


I've attempted several times to call and talk to you in an effort to resolve the issue surrounding my purchase #8380 of the NordicTrack cover I purchased online for $67.99 + $8.99 shipping on 8/23/21 via PayPal Invoice ID # c21056737476762.1. Sadly all attempts to talk with you have ended with a pre-recorded "Text" request? and my Emails have have either went unanswered? or undelivered?. After my 8/23 online purchase via PayPal (approved by you) I received a tracking number and awaited delivery. The hood arrived on Saturday at the 99737 Post Office and I received a notice to pick up the package at the window where I was completely gob-smacked to learn there was a $108 dollar shipping?/mailing?/surcharge? required to be paid upon delivery?. I told the clerk there must have been a mistake because I had paid for the hood and shipping online already. The P.O. clerk required I either pay the $108 or refuse the package. I immediately attempted calling you to resolve the issue and could not get beyond your pre-recorded "Text Me"?. The sad thing is I wanted the hood and even would have paid more for it had I known from the beginning but when the $67.99+$8.99 purchase arrived and unbeknownst to me had mysteriously transformed itself into a $184.98 monster was a shocked and in no way prepared to accept it. I am truly sorry that this happened and that it couldn't have (and should've) been easily avoided and/or quickly resolved with a better customer service dept. But I as of today still have absolutely no Idea what transpired in this transaction and how it went from a $76.98 "Approved" purchase to a $184.98 C.O.D.? This is why I'm sadly forced to give you a one star rating . It's a shame this could have been successfully avoided and or resolved via better communication and or an actual customer service dept.

Customer was given a full refund.

WHAT IS LEFT OUT HERE - Dave is in a somewhat remote area, Alaska.
NOTE: If you are from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico... while there are perks to living in these areas, shipping rates and surcharges are not one of them.
Pointedly, I think if you are a person living in these states, and in remote areas, this should not be a 'shock' which is being portrayed here.

In this case, a large item was ordered to a remote area in AK.
It comes down to do you want the part or not, if so, then brace/pay for surcharges. For continental 48 states, you can disregard this information, and rest assured there will be no surcharges.

If you are from these states or territories AND you fear surchages which range $50 -$100, and sometimes $0. Do not purchase parts from us.

Exact same foot pedal

So, I'm happy with it. I made the replacement easily.

Missing order

Amazing follow up. Had parts missing and they bent over backwards to fix the problem. Son nice to experience real customer service

Excellent service

Board was delivered and worked, thanks guys

Worked perfectly

I had ordered a console for a 3700 Nordictract treadmill with doubts, but to my surprise it was a perfect match. The sight made it easy to find and order the correct part to bring that dead treadmill to life !!! Thanks so much 😄

Elliptical lower control board.

Part was shipped quickly, the part listing made it easy to find the right part, which made me confident that I had purchased the “correct” part. Even though the board layout was different. Fast shipping and our machine is working perfect!