Item Condition: New

Hydra Fitness Exchange Epic Freemotion Ree-bok Nordic-Track Proform Elliptical Drive Belt 153283 6 Rib - fitnesspartsrepair

Epic Freemotion Ree-bok Nordic-Track Proform Elliptical Drive Belt 6 Rib 153283

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Item Description


Item Condition: New

Part #: 153283
Part Name: BELT,V6,STD,

Where Used:
Free Spirit 160 831.307140
335R SFEX138120
335R SFEX138121
370r SFEX050140
C5.3 SFEX580120
Gold's Gym
Cross Trainer 510 GGEL604070
Cross Trainer 510 GGEL604071
Cross Trainer Plus GGEL679070
8.5ex Cross Trainer HREL88060
8.5ex Cross Trainer HREL88061
RC150 HREX04980
RC150 HREX04981
Elipse 910E NT331300
Elite 5.4 831.219750
Elite 5.4 831.219751
Elite 7.4 831.219870
Elite R110 NTEVEX899150
GX 7.0 Pro 831.219770
GX 7.0 Pro 831.219771
GX 7.0 Pro 831.219772
R65 NTEVEX799150
VR Pro NTEX079120
VR Pro NTEX079121
VR21 Bike NTEX76016.1 1216A
VR23 NTEX782140
VR23 Bike NTEX76016.0 1016A
VR25 NTEX899140
160 DREL89470
20.0 Cross Trainer PFEL78060
20.0 Cross Trainer PFEL78061
4.0 RT PFEX138130
440 ES PFEX159140
740 ES PFEX189140
Cross Trainer 600 PFEL759070
Cross Trainer 600 PFEL759071
Prespective 1000 PFEL799070
Prespective 1000 PFEL799071
SR 20 PFEX20020
Stride Climber 650 PFEL058070
Stride Climber 650 PFEL058071
Stride Climber 650 PFEL058072
VR 980 EKG PFEX33110
XP 160 831.286450
XP 160 831.286451
XP 70 831.215010
XP Stride Climber 600 831.237450
XP Stride Climber 600 831.237451
XP Stride Climber 600 831.308050
Ree-bok (Icon)
CYC 3i RBEVEX34280
CYC 4 RBEX31080
CYC 4 RBEX31090
CYC 6 RBEX33180
CYC 6 RBEX33190
RL 10.0 RBEL668070
RL 10.0 RBEL668071

  • Poly V Belt Where used Below (models AND serials)
  • If you are uncomfortable with diagnosing and treating your machine with the RIGHT replacement parts we can recommend a fitness technician in your area via zip code