Item Condition: New

Gold's Gym Elliptical Bike Resistance Motor Brake Tensioner 193223 6v - fitnesspartsrepair
Gold's Gym Elliptical Bike Resistance Motor Brake Tensioner 193223 6v - fitnesspartsrepair

Gold's Gym Elliptical Bike Resistance Motor Brake Tensioner 193223 6v

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Item Description


Item Condition: New


Gold's Gym

300 U GGEX722080
Adjustable Stride Trainer 320 GGEL627070 GGEL627071
Adjustable Stride Trainer 330 GGEL628070 330 GGEL628071
Cross Trainer 480 GGEL639080
Cross Trainer 510 GGEL604070
Cross Trainer 510 GGEL604071
Cross Trainer Plus GGEL679070
Cycle Trainer 290 C GGCCEX616122
Cycle Trainer 300 C GGEX616140
Cycle Trainer 300 C GGEX616141
Cycle Trainer 300 C GGEX61614C0
Cycle Trainer 300 Ci GGEX616150
Cycle Trainer 390 R GGEX617121
Cycle Trainer 400 R GGEX617140
Cycle Trainer 400 R GGEX617141
Cycle Trainer 400 R GGEX61714C0
Cycle Trainer 400 Ri GGEX617150
Power Spin 200 U GGEX17760
Power Spin 210 U GGEX616070
Power Spin 210 U GGEX616071
Power Spin 225 R GGEX17960
Power Spin 230 R GGEX617070
Power Spin 230 R GGEX617071
Power Spin 290 GGCCEX616110
Power Spin 390 R GGEX617090
Stride Trainer 300 GGEL629070
Stride Trainer 300 GGEL629071
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629020
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629101
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629102
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629103
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629104
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629105
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629106
Stride Trainer 310 GGEL629107
Stride Trainer 350 GGCCEL629131
Stride Trainer 350 GGEL629130
Stride Trainer 350 GGEL629131
Stride Trainer 350i GGEL629150
Stride Trainer 350i GGEL629151
Stride Trainer 350i GGEL62915C0
Stride Trainer 380 GGEL628080
Stride Trainer 380 GGEL628081
Stride Trainer 410 GGEL639020
Stride Trainer 410 GGEL639103
Stride Trainer 410 GGEL639104
Stride Trainer 410 GGEL639105
Stride Trainer 410 GGEL639107
Stride Trainer 410 GGEL639109
Stride Trainer 450 GGEL639140
Stride Trainer 450i GGEL639150
Stride Trainer 500 GGEL649070
Stride Trainer 510 GGEL638120
Stride Trainer 510 GGEL638121
Stride Trainer 510 GGEL638122


  • Fits many Icon Health & Fitness Makes and Models
  • Save compared to manufacture!
  • NOTE: The center phillips screw in the cam can be loosened to adjust the cam position. Just loosen, pull, rotate until it matches your machine. Push it back in and tighten phillips screw.
  • If you are uncomfortable with diagnosing and treating your machine with the RIGHT replacement parts we can recommend a fitness technician in your area via zip code