Item Condition: New

Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. Nordic-Track Freemotion Elliptical Bike AC Adapter Power Supply Transformer Pack - fitnesspartsrepair

Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. Nordic-Track Freemotion Elliptical Bike AC Adapter Power Supply Transformer Pack

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Catalog Number: 12v 2a2

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Item Description

Item Condition: New

Part #: 277969

Nordic-Track 9600 CEX32531
Nordic-Track 9600 CEX32532
Nordic-Track 9600 CEX32533
Nordic-Track 9600 CEX3253P3 Platinum
Nordic-Track 9600 TV CEX35031
Strider FMSR844090 Utah
Strider FMSR844091 Utah
Strider FMSR844092 Utah
TV FMEL4505PEN0 English
TV FMEL4505PFR0 French
TV FMEL4505PGR0 German
TV FMEL4505PIS0 Israel
TV FMEL4505PIT0 Italian
TV FMEL4505PKO0 Korean
TV FMEX2506PAU0 Australian
TV FMEX2506PCA0 Canada
TV FMEX2506PCN0 Chinese
TV FMEX2506PEN0 English
TV FMEX2506PFR0 French
TV FMEX2506PGR0 German
TV FMEX2506PIS0 Israel
TV FMEX2506PIT0 Italian
TV FMEX2506PKO0 Korean
TV FMSR845090
TV FMSR845091
TV FMSR845092
Upright Basic FMEX3256PAU0 Australian
Upright Basic FMEX3256PAU1 Australian
Upright Basic FMEX3256PCN0 Chinese
Upright Basic FMEX3256PFR0 French
Upright Basic FMEX3256PFR1 French
Upright Basic FMEX3256PIS0 Israel
Upright Basic FMEX3256PIT0 Italian
Upright Basic FMEX3256PKO0 Korean
Upright Basic FMEX3256P0
Upright Bike FMEX3506PCN0 Chinese
Upright Bike FMEX3506PEN0 Int. English
Upright Bike FMEX3506P0
Upright TV FMEX3506PAU0 Australian
Upright TV FMEX3506PCA0 Canada
Upright TV FMEX3506PCA1 Canada
Upright TV FMEX3506PFR0 French
Upright TV FMEX3506PGR0 German
Upright TV FMEX3506PIS0 Israel
Upright TV FMEX3506PIT0 Italian
Upright TV FMEX3506PKO0 Korean
Upright TV FMEX3506PPALBG0
Upright TV FMEX3506P1
XTS Strider SFSR112090
Hotel Fitness XS9800E HFXS9800E0
Hotel Fitness XS9800E HFXS9800E1
Nordic-Track ®
9600 CAUEX22521

  • Meets Oem Voltage and amperage requirements
  • Compatible models below
  • If you are uncomfortable with diagnosing and treating your machine with the RIGHT replacement parts we can recommend a fitness technician in your area via zip code