Item Condition: New

Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. Proform Weslo Resistance Motor Brake Tensioner 241949 6v Elliptical Bike - fitnesspartsrepair

Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. Proform Weslo Resistance Motor Brake Tensioner 241949 6v Elliptical Bike

  • $69.99
Catalog Number: Y0-G5EZ-VUQS

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Item Description

Item Condition: New


100 ZLX PFEVEX719100
100 ZLX PFEVEX719101
1050 PFEX059100
1050 STS PFEL013070
1050 STS PFEL013071
1350 PFEX198100
1350 PFEX198103
1350 PFEX198104
180 UR PFEX029080
280 Razor PFEVEL730080
280 Razor PFEVEL730081
290 CSR PFEX023090
300 ZLE PFEVEL839100
310 CE PFEVEL730110
380 CSX PFEX729080
380 CSX PFEX729082
380 F PFEL539080
380 Razor PFEVEL740080
380 Razor PFEVEL740081
380 ZLX PFEVEX741080
380 ZLX PFEVEX741081
400 ZLE PFEVEL749100
400 ZLE PFEVEL749101
450 PFEL039071
450 UR PFEX441770
450 UR PFEX441771
450 UR PFEX441772
450 UR PFEX441773
455 EKG PFEVEX39161
465 RE PFEX442770
465 RE PFEX442771
465 RE PFEX442772
480 CSX PFEX739080
480 CSX PFEX739081
480 Space Saver PFEVEL750080
5.0 R PFEX742070
5.0 R PFEX742071
5.0 R PFEX742072
500 ZLE PFEVEL959100
500 ZLE PFEVEL959101
505 ZLE PFEVEL960100
505 ZLE PFEVEL960101
580 CS PFTL579080
650 T PFEL758070
700 Cardio Cross Trainer PFCCEL39011
755 EKG PFEVEX39162
755 EKG PFEVEX39163
780 CSE PFEL979180
780 CSE PFEL979182
850 PFEL778070
850 PFEL778071
900 ZNE PFEL979100
940 CE PFEL990120
955R 831.288082
980 CSE PFEL998080
Crosswalk 8.0 PFCW507070
Epic 1200 Pro PFEL078071
Epic 1200 Pro PFEL078072
Epic 1200 Pro PFEL078074
Ergo Strider 3.0 PFEL534080
Ergo Strider 3.0 PFEL534081
EVO Stride Pro PFEL014150
GR 80 831.215210
GR 80 PFEX19953
GT 85X PFEX20960
GT 85X PFEX20961
Hybrid Trainer PFEL038151
Hybrid Trainer PFEL038152
Hybrid Trainer Pro PFEL058151
I Series 785 F PFCCEL579090
I Series 785 F PFCCEL579092
I Series 785 F PFEL579080
I Series 785 F PFEL579081
I Series 785 F PFEL579082


  • Fits many Icon Health & Fitness Makes and Models
  • NOTE: The center phillips screw in the cam can be loosened to adjust the cam position. Just loosen, pull, rotate until it matches your machine. Push it back in and tighten phillips screw.
  • Fits Icon Upright Recumbent and Ellipticals below.
  • If you are uncomfortable with diagnosing and treating your machine with the RIGHT replacement parts we can recommend a fitness technician in your area via zip code