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Johnson Health Tech Livestrong Horizon Vision Power Supply AC Adapter Cord Pack 088261 or E246785 - fitnesspartsrepair

Johnson Health Tech Livestrong Horizon Vision Elliptical Power Supply AC Adapter Cord Pack 088261 or E246785

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Catalog Number: 12v2a

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Item Description

Item Condition: New
Part#: 088261  

Advanced Fitness Group

14.0AE EP148
2.0AE EP185
2.0AR RB123
3.0AE EP186
3.0AH CB133
3.0AR RB119
4.0AH CB134
4.0AR RB120

Fitness Gear

830E EP163


Club Series CSE3.5 (EP110B)
Club Series CSE3.6 (EP133B)
Club Series CSE4.5 (EP111B)
Club Series CSE4.6 (EP134B)
Club Series E500 (EP193)
Club Series E700 (EP194)
Club Series E800 Cranberry (EP202)
Club Series E800 Green (EP202D)
Club Series E800 Slate Blue (EP202B)
Club Series E800 Terra Cotta (EP202E)
Club Series E800 White (EP202C)
Elite Series 2.3E (EP136)
Elite Series 3.2E (EP125)
Elite Series 3.3E (EP137)
Elite Series 4.2E (EP126)
Elite Series 4.3E (EP138)
Free Spirit 30701 (EP133D)
Horizon Performance B600 (RB122B)
Horizon Performance PSE7 (EP146)
Horizon Series CE6.0 2009 (EP506B)
Horizon Series CX66 (EP180B)
Horizon Series E6 (EP148)
Horizon Series E701 2009 (EP231)
Horizon Series EX56 (EP179)
Horizon Series EX66 (EP180)
Horizon Series EX67 2009 (EP506)
Horizon Series RC30 (RB121)
Horizon Series RC40 (RB122C)
Horizon Series RE7.6 (EP164)
HZ Premium Series EX65 (EP133)
HZ Premium Series EX75 (EP134)
HZ Series E95 (EP139)
HZ Series EX33 (EP110)
HZ Series EX44 (EP111)
Limited Series LS635E (LS635E)
Premier Series B701 2009 (CB139)
Premier Series E901 2009 Black (EP230B)
Premier Series E901 2009 Cobalt (EP230D)
Premier Series E901 2009 Salsa (EP230C)
Premier Series E901 2009 Slate (EP230)
Smooth Fitness SXE 7.7 (EP189)

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