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Life Fitness 95te 97te 95xe 95ce 95re Console Microtouch LCD Matrix Overlay - fitnesspartsrepair

Life Fitness 95te 97te 95xe 95ce 95re Treadmill Elliptical and bike Console 12” Diagonal Microtouch LCD Matrix Overlay

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Item Description

Condition New

This part will fix touch response issues... This is the Overlay that is adhered to the lcd display screen, and plugs into the lcd motherboard via 5 connector ribbon cable.. It's function is to take a standard lcd screen (along with the motherboard, which this does not include) and make it touch capable... Very old school. This will save you major bucks vs. buying the whole kit. We sell both, separate. So whether you're having touch issues or lcd burnout, we can hook you up.

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Life Fitness Treadmill Elliptical and bike models

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