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Life Fitness Recumbent Bike RPM Speed Sensor Reed Switch AK63-00050-0000 - fitnesspartsrepair

Life Fitness Recumbent Bike RPM Speed Sensor Reed Switch AK63-00050-0000

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Catalog Number: 1003945

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Item Description

Condition Used
Part #:  AK63-00050-0000

used on the following models:


LifeFitness - 90R_CCA100000

LifeFitness - 90S_ACC100000

LifeFitness - 90S_SCA100000

LifeFitness - 90SW_AWA100000

LifeFitness - 93C_COA100000

LifeFitness - 93R_CCB100000

LifeFitness - 93S_ACD100000

LifeFitness - 93SW_AWB100000

LifeFitness - 95C_CBJ100000,_SLCU100000

LifeFitness - 95C_CBK100000

LifeFitness - 95C_CEM100000

LifeFitness - 95C_CLU100000 - CLU108080

LifeFitness - 95C_CXL100000

LifeFitness - 95C_LCI100001

LifeFitness - 95C_LCX100000

LifeFitness - 95R_CCS100000_SRCS100000

LifeFitness - 95R_CCU100000

LifeFitness - 95R_CCW100000

LifeFitness - 95R_CEF100001_SRCU100000

LifeFitness - 95R_CLR100000

LifeFitness - 95R_LRI10000

LifeFitness - 95RWEZ_CCZ100000

LifeFitness - 95RWEZ_CZR100000

LifeFitness - 95S_ACF100000

LifeFitness - 95S_SCI100000

LifeFitness - 95SE_ACG100000

LifeFitness - 95SE_SCE100000

LifeFitness - 95SW_AWC100000

LifeFitness - 95SW_WSC100000

LifeFitness - C9i_CBG100000-100730

LifeFitness - CLSS_LSS100000

LifeFitness - LC9100_CBI100000

LifeFitness - R9i_CEI100001

LifeFitness - S9i_HSD10000

LifeFitness - SC9100_HSH100000

LifeFitness - SC9500_HSI100000