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Life Fitness Treadmill COMM Port Plate Assembly AK65-00082-0000 - hydrafitnessparts
Life Fitness Treadmill COMM Port Plate Assembly AK65-00082-0000 - hydrafitnessparts

Life Fitness Treadmill COMM Port Plate Assembly AK65-00082-0000

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Catalog Number: 1032882

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Item Description

Condition Used

Used on the following models:

Life Fitness
Platinum Club Series (ASM) - PCSTS-INTHX-0115
95T Elevation (TEU) - 95T-INTHX-06
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSTS-DOMHX-0107
95T Elevation (TEU) - 95T-DOMHX-06
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSTS-DOMHX-2107
95T Elevation (TEU) - 95T-DOMHX-06BR
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSTS-DOMHX-2207
95T Elevation (TEU) - 95T-DOMLX-06
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSTS-DOMHX-2307
95T Elevation (TWT) - 95T-IFIHX-01
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSTS-DOMLX-0107
95T Elevation (TWT) - 95T-INTHX-01
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSTS-DOMLX-2107
95T Elevation (TWT) - 95T-INTHX-02
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSTS-DOMLX-2207
95T Elevation (TWT) - 95T-DOMHX-01
95T Elevation (TWT) - 95T-DOMHX-02
Platinum Club Series (PCT) - PCST-DOMLX-01
95T Elevation (TWT) - 95T-DOMLX-02
Platinum Club Series (PET) - PCST-DOMHX-03
95TS Discover (ASH) - 95TS-IFIHX-0115
Platinum Club Series (PET) - PCST-DOMLX-03
95TS Discover (ASR) - 95TS-DOMHX-0115
Platinum Club Series (PET) - PCST-INTHX-03
95TS Discover (ASR) - 95TS-DOMLX-0115
Platinum Club Series (PST) - PCST-DOMHX-02
95TS Discover (ASR) - 95TS-INTHX-0115
Platinum Club Series (PST) - PCST-DOMLX-02
95TS Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMHX-0107
Platinum Club Series (PST) - PCST-INTHX-02
95TS Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMHX-2107
95TS Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMHX-2207
95TS Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMHX-2307
95TS Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMLX-0107
95TS Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMLX-2107
95TS Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMLX-2307
95TXPS (BXT) - 95TXPS-DOMLX-2201
95TXPS (BXT) - 95TXPS-DOMLX-2101
95TXPS (BXT) - 95TXPS-DOMLX-2301
95TXPS (BXT) - 95TXPS-INTHX-2301
95TXPS (BXT) - 95TXPS-DOMHX-2101
95TXPS (BXT) - 95TXPS-DOMLX-0101
95TXPS (BXT) - 95TXPS-INTHX-0101
95T Discover (AST) - 95TS-DOMLX-2207
95T Elevation (TET) - 95T-IFIHX-03
Platinum Club Series (ASM) - PCSTS-DOMHX-0115
95T Elevation (TET) - 95T-INTHX-03
Platinum Club Series (ASM) - PCSTS-DOMLX-0115
95T Elevation (TET) - 95T-DOMHX-03

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