Item Condition: refurbished

Life Fitness Upright Lifecycle Bike Power Control Board A084-92389-0001 - fitnesspartsrepair

Life Fitness Upright Lifecycle Bike Power Control Board A084-92389-0001

  • $165.99

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Item Description

Condition Seller refurbished

Used on the following models:

Life Fitness
95X Elevation (XTM) - 95X-ALLXX-06
95X Elevation (XTM) - 95X-ALLXX-06W
95X Explore Cross-Trainer - 95XXPS-ALLXX-2101
95X Explore Cross-Trainer - 95XXPS-ALLXX-2201
95X Explore Cross-Trainer - 95XXPS-ALLXX-2301
95XS Discover (ASX) - 95XS-ALLXX-0107
95XS Discover (ASX) - 95XS-ALLXX-2107
95XS Discover (ASX) - 95XS-ALLXX-2207
95XXPS - 95XXPS-ALLXX-0101
95R Elevation (CHG) - 95R-ALLXX-06
95RS Discover (APB) - 95RS-ALLXX-0107
95RXPS (BXR) - 95RXPS-ALLXX-2101
95RXPS (BXR) - 95RXPS-ALLXX-0101
95RXPS (BXR) - 95RXPS-ALLXX-2201
95RXPS (BXR) - 95RXPS-ALLXX-2301
95C Elevation (CHB) - 95C-ALLXX-06
95C Elevation (CHB) - 95C-ALLXX-06
95C Explore Upright Bike - 95CXPS-ALLXX-2101
95C Explore Upright Bike - 95CXPS-ALLXX-2301
95CS Discover (APU) - 95CS-ALLXX-0107
95CXPS (BXU) - 95CXPS-ALLXX-2201
95CXPS (BXU) - 95CXPS-ALLXX-0101
97C Elevation (APC) - 97CS-ALLXX-0107
97C Elevation (CHD) - 97C-ALLXX-06
97C Explore Upright Bike - 97CXPS-ALLXX-2301
97C Explore Upright Bike - 97CXPS-ALLXX-0101
97C Explore Upright Bike - 97CXPS-ALLXX-2201
97C Explore Upright Bike - 97CXPS-ALLXX-2101
Platinum Club Series (ASM) - PCSXS-ALLXX-0115
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSXS-ALLXX-0107
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSXS-ALLXX-2107
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSXS-ALLXX-2207
Platinum Club Series (ASP) - PCSXS-ALLXX-2307
Platinum Club Series (ARM) - PCSRS-ALLXX-0115
Platinum Club Series (ARP) - PCSRS-ALLXX-0107
Platinum Club Series (ARP) - PCSRS-ALLXX-2107
Platinum Club Series (ARP) - PCSRS-ALLXX-2207
Platinum Club Series (ARP) - PCSRS-ALLXX-2307
Platinum Club Series (PBR) - PCSR-ALLXX-06
Platinum Club Series (APP) - PCSCS-ALLXX-0107
Platinum Club Series (PBC) - PCSC-ALLXX-06