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Nordictrack External Magnetic Eddy Current Brake Resistance 12" C Magnet Bracket

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Condition Used

Part #: 314328
Part Name: FLWH,12",ARPS,W/RI

& BONUS C Magnet

Part #: 313086

Low Miles

Used on the following models:
A.C.T. - 831.238780
A.C.T. - NTEL089110
E4.0 - NTEVEL759100
E4.0 - NTEVEL759103
E4.0 - NTEVEL759104
E4.1 - NTEVEL750120
E4.1 - NTEVEL750121
E4.1 - NTEVEL750122
E4.2 - NTEVEL759120
E4.2 - NTEVEL759121
E7 - NTEVEL779090
E7 - NTEVEL779093
E8.0 - NTEL079110

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