Item Condition: Used

Horizon Vision Fitness AFG Livestrong Treadmill Drive Motor Main Belt Johnson Health Tech - fitnesspartsrepair

Used Horizon Vision Fitness AFG Livestrong Treadmill Drive Motor Main Belt

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Catalog Number: 019968-A-U

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Item Description


Item Condition: Used

Advanced Fitness Group 2.0AT TM329 20083.0AT TM330 20083.1AT TM459 2012 (After SN TM4261208BC00001)3.1AT TM459 2012 (Before SN TM4261208BC00001)4.0AT TM331 20085.0AT TM332 20085.1AT TM427 (After SN TM4271208BC00001)5.1AT TM427 2012 (Before SN TM4271208BC00001)HorizonElite Series 5.2T 2006 (TM147)Elite Series 5.3T 2007 (TM233)Horizon CT9.1 20102011 (TM635)Horizon Performance T1200 2008 (TM318)Performance Series PST6 2006 (TM163)Performance Series PST8 2006 (TM164)Premier Series T1201 2009 Black (TM371B)Premier Series T1201 2009 Salsa (TM371D)Premier Series T1201 2009 Slate (TM371C)Premier Series T1201 Cobalt (TM371)LivestrongLS10.0T 2011 (TM406)LS10.0T Canadian 2011 (TM406B)LS12.9T 2010 (TM381)LS13.0T 2011 (TM407)LS13.0T 2011 (TM407B)LS16.9T 2010 (TM382)LS9.9T 2010 (TM380)LSPRO1 2012 (TM423)Vision FitnessClassic TF20 2012 Titanium Silver (TM432 & TM435)Classic TF2003 2014 Titanium Silver (TM432C & TM435)Classic TF40 2012 Titanium Silver (TM434 & TM435)Classic TF4003 2014 Titanium Silver (TM434C & TM435)Elegant + TF2003 2014 Titanium Silver (TM432C & TM473)Elegant + TF4003 2014 Titanium Silver (TM434C & TM473)Elegant TF20 2012 Titanium Silver (TM432 & TM436)Elegant TF40 2012 Titanium Silver (TM434 & TM436)Touch TF40 2012 Titanium Silver (TM434 & TM437)Touch+ T4003 2014 (TM433C & TM474)Touch+ TF2003 2014 Titanium Silver (TM432C & TM474)Touch+ TF4003 2014 Titanium Silver (TM434C & TM474)

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