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Vision Fitness Horizon Elliptical Crosstrainer Bike Drive Belt - fitnesspartsrepair

Vision Fitness Horizon Elliptical Crosstrainer Bike Drive Belt 004157-00

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Item Description


Item Condition: New

Advanced Fitness Group
3.0AH CB133 20082009
4.0AH CB134 20082009
Club Series CSE2 2005 (EP36C)
Club Series CSE3HR 2005 (EP30C)
Elite Series 2.0E 2004 (EP36B)
Elite Series 3.0E 2004 (EP30B)
Elite Series 4.0E 2004 (EP31B)
Endurance 2001 (EP033)
Endurance Extreme 2002 (EP22)
Endurance Pro 2002 (EP140)
Endurance Pro 2002 (EP143)
Kinetic 2001 (EP043)
Kinetic Pro 2002 (EP133)
SClass Series ESC2 2003 (EP36)
SClass Series ESC3 2003 (EP30)
SClass Series ESC4 2003 (EP31)
Vision Fitness
Classic R40 2012 Dark Grey & Medium Silver (RB151 & EP261)
Deluxe R2250 2009 Iced Silver (RB135 & RB131)
E3100 19982000 White (FC03)
E3100 2001 Grey (MCB27)
E3200 19982000 White (CB11 & Earlier)
E3200 2001 Grey (CB25)
E3200 2005 Grey (CB25B)
E3200HRT 2001 Grey (CB26)
E3200HRT 20022003 Grey (CB37)
E3200HRT 2004 Grey (CB37B)
E3600HRC 19982000 Grey (CB20)
E3600HRT 2001 Grey (MCB31)
Premier R2250 2009 Iced Silver (RB135 & RB130)
R2050 2007 Grey (RB110)
R2100 19982000 White (RB24 & Earlier)
R2100 2001 Grey (MRB41)
R2150 2007 Grey (RB111)
R2200 19982000 White (RB18 & Earlier)
R2200 2001 Grey (MRB43)
R2200 20022003 Grey (RB58)
R2200 2005 Grey (RB42C)
R2200 2006 Grey (RB106)
R2200HRT 20012003 Grey (RB42)
R2200HRT 2004 Grey (RB42B)
R2200HRT 2005 Grey (RB45DD)
R2200HRT 2006 Grey (RB107)
R2200HRT 2007 Grey (RB115)
R2250HRT 2006 Grey (RB102)
R2250HRT 2007 Grey (RB116)
R2250HRT 2008 Grey (RB125)
R2600HRC 19982000 Grey (RB35)
R2600HRT 2001 Grey (MRB49)
Simple R2050 2009 Iced Silver (RB134 & RB130)


  • Poly V Belt Where used Below
  • If you are uncomfortable with diagnosing and treating your machine with the RIGHT replacement parts we can recommend a fitness technician in your area via zip code