Item Condition: New

Weslo Healthrider Freemotion Nordic-Track Proform Elliptical Drive Belt 140672 6r - fitnesspartsrepair

Weslo Healthrider Freemotion Nordic-Track Proform Elliptical Drive Belt 140672 6r

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Catalog Number: 4750j6-1

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Item Description


Item Condition: New

Part #: 140672 or 217410
Part Name: BELT,V6,L,JSEC

270u SFEX040140
Aire Strider E60 HRCCEL59930
Aire Strider E60 HREL59930
C300e HREL20050
C865e HRE6994DR0
C895e HRE9994DR0
Cross Trainer E330 HREL05980
Cross Trainer E330 HREL05981
Cross Trainer E330 HREL05982
Cross Trainer E55 HREL50020
Cross Trainer E660 HREL09980
Cross Trainer E660 HREL09981
Cross Trainer E660 HREL09982
Cross Trainer E660 HREL09983
Cross Trainer E730 HRCCEL11900
Cross Trainer E730 HREL11900
E330 HREVEL05983
E660 HREMEL09984
Nordic-Track ®
C2200 831.306001
CX 920 831.283530
CXT 1100 NTEVEL12930
CXT 910 831.298640
CXT 910 831.298641
CXT 910 831.298642
CXT 910 NTCCEL59011
CXT 910 NTCCEL59012
CXT 910 NTEL59010
CXT 910 NTEL59011
CXT 910 NTEL59012
CXT 910 NTEVEL59011
CXT 910 NTEVEL59012
CXT 930 NTEL79010
CXT 950 NTEVEL59030
CXT 970 NTEL99010
CXT 980 831.298650
CXT 980 831.298651
CXT 980 NTE99020
CXT 980 NTE99021
CXT 990 NTEL12910
CXT 990 NTEL12911
CXT 990 NTEVEL12910
CXT 990 NTEVEL12911
Elite 4.4 831.219231
GX 4.4 Pro NTEX750160
U60 NTEVEX789150
VGR 850 NTCCEL47300
VGR 900 NTEL05990
VGR 900 NTEL05991
VGR 910 831.298940
VGR 910 NTEL05900
VGR 940 NTEL08990
VGR 940 NTEL08991
VGR 940 NTEVEL08990
VGR 970 NTEL11990
VGR 990 NTEL12900
VR NTEX080110
VR NTEX080111

14.0 EX PFEX179140
180 UR PFEX029080
380 ZLX PFEVEX741080 PFEVEX741081
510E PFEVEL45300
530E PFEMEL47300
545 S 831.285270 PFEL28010
595E PFEL04900
695E PFCCEL05900
695E PFEL05900
760 HR PFEVEX49831
760 HR PFEVEX49832
780 EKG PFEVEX49160 PFEVEX49161
785 Watts PFEVEX958070
785 Watts PFEVEX958071
8.0 EX PFEX149140
800 TR PFEVEX69830 PFEVEX69831
940S 831.288070
940S PFCCEX31900 PFEVEX31990
940S PFEX31990
955R 831.288080 PFEX38490
970R PFEX38491
Cross Over 831.159950 PFES80040 PFES80041 831.305110
Eclipse PFEL25070
GL105 PFEX49030
GT 120 PFEX69760
HN1050 PFEX3849BX1
Rebel 831.285870
Rebel PFCCEX37082
Rebel PFENEX37080
Rebel PFEX37080
VR 900 EKG PFCCEX01010
VR 900 EKG PFEX01010
XP 185 U 831.217410
XP 185 U 831.308410
XP 185 U PFCCEX012100
Ree-bok (Icon)
CYC 10 RBEX29010
CYC 10 RBEX29011
CYC 2i RBEVEX35980
Elliptical Exerciser WEEL45070
RB 345 RBEX69740
REL 8 RBEL12900
RT 445 831.210010
RT 445 RBEX49020
RT 445 RBEX49021
Eclipse WLEL36070
Momentum 745 WLEL20050
Pursuit Models Below

795i WLEX23180

19 WLEX14000
622 WLEX12010
625s WLEVEX12890
660s WLEVEX14490
690s WLEVEX14500
695i WLCCEX69071
695i WLEX23080
695i WLEX69071
719 WLCCEX14000
795i WLBPEX32480
795i WLCCEX69571
795i WLEX69571
895i WCEX69871
895i WLBPEX32680
895i WLCCEX69871
895i WLEX23280
895i WLEX32680
895i WLEX69871
900i WLSLEX32680
935H WLEX1400BX0
E20 WLEX13820
E21 WLEX14020
E40 WLEX19840
E45 WLEX19940

  • Fits the Crosstrainer Models Codes below
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